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Книга: Change in Democratic Mongolia

Вышла довольно интересная книга, сборник статей: Change in Democratic Mongolia. Social Relations, Health, Mobile Pastoralism, and Mining. Edited by Julian Dierkes, University of British Columbia  

Авторы касаются наиболее актуальных тем, связанных с современным развитием Монголии: общественная жизнь, здравоохранение, кочевое скотоводство и добыча полезных ископаемых. Стоит также отметить, что в качестве авторов сборника были привлечены не только известные ученые, но и молодые монголоведы, в том числе и самой из Монголии.


List of Tables
List of Figures
Notes on Contributors

Introduction: Research on Contemporary Mongolia — Julian Dierkes

PART I Social Relations
1. Finding the Buddha Hidden Below the Sand: Youth, Identity and Narrative in the Revival of Mongolian Buddhism — Matthew King
2. Formal and Informal Networks in Post-socialist Mongolia:Access, Uses and Inequalities — Byambajav Dalaibuyan
3. Democracy and Risk: Mongolians’ Perspectives — Paula Sabloff
4. Local Leaders between Obligation and Corruption:State Workplaces, the Discourse of ‘Moral Decay’, and ‘Eating Money’ in the Mongolian Province — Astrid E. Zimmermann

PART II Challenges to the Mongolian Health System
5. Did the Social and Economic Transition Cause a Health Crisis in Mongolia? Evidence from Age- and Sex-specific Mortality Trends (1965-2009) — Mungunsarnai Ganbold & Thomas Spoorenberg
6. Occupational Safety and the Health of Miners as Challenge to Policy-making in Mongolia? — Oyuntogos Lkhasuren

PART III The State of Mobile Pastoralism
7. Changes in Pastoral Land Use and Their Effects on Rangeland Vegetation Indices -Temuulen Tsagaan Sankey, Joel Sankey, Keith Weber, and Cliff Montagne
8. Collaborative Pasture Management, a Solution for Grassland Degradation in Mongolia? — Raffael Himmelsbach
9. The Twilight of Pastoralism? Livelihood, Mobility, Differentiation, and Environmental Engagement on the Inner Asian Steppe — Troy Sternberg

PART IV The Social Context of Mining
10. Mining, Resistance and Pastoral Livelihoods in Contemporary Mongolia — Caroline Upton
11. The Cultural Logics of Illegality: Living Outside the Law in the Mongolian Gold Mines — Mette High
12. Mongolia’s Mining Controversies and the Politics of Place -Sarah Combellick–Bidney

Conclusions: Mongolia in the First Twenty Years of the 21st Century — Julian Dierkes and Byambajav Dalaibuyan


  1. Many thanks for spreading the word about our book, Dr. Sabirov!


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