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[video] The Circle — A Mongolian Adventure (Full Length Documentary)

[Links] Bilingual Education in Inner Mongolia

Protesters gather in Ulaanbaatar, the capital of neighbouring Mongolia, against China’s plan to introduce Mandarin-only classes in the autonomous region of Inner Mongolia.

[book] Subjective Lives and Economic Transformations in Mongolia

Rebecca M. Empson. Subjective Lives and Economic Transformations in Mongolia. Life in the Gap.

Subjective Lives and Economic Transformations in Mongolia details this complex story through the intimate lives of five women. Building on long-term friendships, which span over 20 years, Rebecca documents their personal journeys in an ever-shifting landscape. She reveals how these women use experiences of living a ‘life in the gap’ to survive the hard reality between desired outcomes and their actual daily lives. In doing so, she offers a completely different picture from that presented by economists and statisticians of what it is like to live in this fluctuating extractive economy.

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Коронавирус в Монголии / Coronavirus in Mongolia (Update)

«The first case, detected just last week on March 9 was made public when a French national who entered the country for work purposes began to show symptoms while in Dornogobi province.»

«Mongolia began taking precautionary actions back in January – they were the second country to close their borders with China.»

Mongolia Announces 3 New COVID-19 Cases, Totaling 4: How They Got Coronavirus Precautions Right

«Three more cases of covid-19 registered on March 16, 2020 (UTC +8 Mongolia). They were on the government’s chartered flight from Seoul to UB, and the ministry was aware of the health condition of those individuals.»

Coronavirus and Mongolia


[Видео] Цаатаны в британском клипе

«Трогательная история о девочке из племени монгольских оленеводов цаатан рассказывается в клипе британского валлийского певца Али Джона Мередит-Лэйси (более известного под псевдонимом Novo Amo).

«Тайга, ставшая её домом, скоро опустеет, потому что земля страдает, онгоны (духи) покидают её». — печально говорит пожилой цаатан.

…На днях клип Novo Amo выдвинут на британскую премию «Music Video Awards 2019» в номинации «Лучшее альтернативное видео» (Великобритании)». Отсюда.


[ссылки] Демократия, медицина, буфер

[video] Hip Hop Scene Among Mongols in Mongolia and China

50-летие АБКМ в Монголии

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Карта: разные способы представить Монголию


[Разное]: регби, монгольская Евразия, видео с конференций

XIII Annual Mongolian Studies Conference

Points of Transition: Ovoo and the Ritual Remaking of Religious, Ecological, and Historical Politics in Inner Asia